First One Away – ‘John’

Paul desperately tries to get away from a lads night out. But in order to do so, he must play by the ‘rules’ and tell the group a story.

Director : Zak Harney

Production : Panikz Productions

Starring: Dan Skinner, Angus Imrie, Andrew Rolfe, Robbie Scotcher, David Chappell, Brendan Wyer & Rebecca Day

“Pleasure working with @david_chappell_ His comedy timing is something to behold” – Zak Harney, Director

WINNER: Best Editing @ The British Short Film Festival

WINNER: Best Student Film @ The South London Short Film Festival

Endocrine – Dom [Lead]

Dom just survived a jump into the Thames. Together with his boyfriend Sam, Dom navigates a dark new world of crutches, casts and aquaphobia.

Endocrine is a tender examination of trauma, grief, and recovery.

1.85:1 | Shot on 16mm | Post-production

Director : Daniel Curtis / Four Eyes Productions

Endocrine | Four Eyes Productions

Three Couples Freed [Feature] – Josh

​​​​Was the life we chosey the life we imagined and dreamed of? Or is the life we have the life we truly deserve?

Three separate couples each decide to make some important decisions on the future of their relationships. Stumbling and searching they try to find their own alternative and drastic paths to happiness.

Director : Geoffrey Pheasant

THE B@IT Homeless Talent Show – ‘Juggling Dave’

Short satire sketch for Channel4’s THE B@IT series. Exploring the theme of exploitation, social media and the rise of the modern talent show genre.

Director : Mother’s Best Child

View of Channel4 Facebook [External Link]

It Was Just F*cking Pasta – ‘David’

When ‘David’ unwittingly becomes a meme phenomenon – his world is turned upside dealing with the consequences. Short film shot on multiple locations with Ravensbourne University.

Director : Francesco Imbimbo

A House Divided – ‘Dad’

Short film exploring the theme of domestic abuse – filmed on location in London with students from Ravensbourne University.

The Briefcase – ‘Bryan’

Short film shot on location with MDX University. A series of short scenarios linked together by the exchanging of a mysterious briefcase.

Director : Jamie Allan