It Was Just F*cking Pasta – ‘David’

When ‘David’ unwittingly becomes a meme phenomenon – his world is turned upside dealing with the consequences. Short film shot on multiple locations with Ravensbourne University.

Director : Francesco Imbimbo

THE B@IT Homeless Talent Show – ‘Juggling Dave’

Short comedy satire for Channel4’s THE B@IT series. Exploring the theme of exploitation, social media and the rise of the modern talent show genre.

Director : Mother’s Best Child

View of Channel4 Facebook [External Link]

A House Divided – ‘Dad’

Short film exploring the theme of domestic abuse – filmed on location in London with students from Ravensbourne University.

The Briefcase – ‘Bryan’

Short film shot on location with MDX University. A series of short scenarios linked together by the exchanging of a mysterious briefcase.

Director : Jamie Allan